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Habitat: Donations

Helping Guatemalan Families

 With the highest cases of malnutrition and living in extreme poverty the city of Nueva Jerusalén, Guatemala is in need of filtered drinking water and rebuilding of their homes. The current conditions in which each family lives are hazardous: homes with pole walls, degraded roof sheets, lack of adequate sanitation, electricity, and proper stoves that cause respiratory and bone diseases.
Through Hábitat we are helping 58 families get the proper resources they need to not only live but strive in their community by December 31st. Any donation goes directly to these families to help them have a better chance to prosper during these times. Thank you for any donation it is greatly appreciated!

Classes go to building homes and providing healthy home kits in Guatemala!

Support Nueva Jerusalén

Habitat for Humanity

In Guatemala, the housing deficit amounts to 1.7 million countrywide. With Habitat for Humanity, we seek to reduce the housing deficit by building 2,350 new homes during the year and improving 2,000 existing homes. Help Guatemalan families in need during these difficult COVID-19 times. Each class goes directly to Guatemalan Families to provide healthy home kits that consist of a Purifying Water Filter, and Improved Stove, which reduces the risk of respiratory diseases, blindness, burns, back and bone diseases, and a  bathroom.

Help Guatemalan families in need during these difficult COVID 19 times any donation is greatly appreciated and goes a long way. Donations are used to build houses and provide Healthy Home Kits to improve the quality of life for Guatemala’s most vulnerable families through Habitat for Humanity.

 Our Spanish classes are focused on the wants and needs of our students. The goal is to have you speaking Spanish as quickly as possible and having fun while doing so. All our teachers are certified and have many years of experience. We pay our teachers more than most of the other schools in Guatemala and provide great work conditions. We cater to all types of learners such as people who just want to study casually and improve their Spanish for travel or more serious learners who want to become fluent. Our belief is Your Education, your way! Come join us and reach all the goals you have in the Spanish Language.

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